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  • Night star

    Night star

    A silk evening at the beach, people walking hand in hand as the sun descends. Somewhere between the pebbles lies a tall, green leaf. On it the smallest starfish I’ve ever seen. Her pink arms holding on tightly to her makeshift raft. There are no signs of life, exposed to the air for too long. […]

  • Counting stars

    Counting stars

    Walking along the shore on a cold day, I noticed the tide was particularly low. I climbed on the weed-covered pier and explored the tiny pools of water. They were filled with starfish of all colours and sizes. A little one had stranded on a rock. I softly picked her up and put her on […]

  • When the stars go blue

    When the stars go blue

    Hundreds of starfish at the beach this morning. Big ones, small ones, pink ones, and white ones drifting back and forth in the shallow water or washed up on top of each other. Not a single one left alive to tell where they’d come from…

  • Star of the sea

    Star of the sea

    We went for a long walk on a sunny January day – the perfect day to go to the beach and enjoy the marvels of nature. The gulls were flying in swarms larger than we have ever seen. There were so many beautiful shells to admire. And then there were the starfish. We found the […]