Forest spirit

It saddens me to see all the discarded Christmas trees piled up next to the garbage. The council has placed a big shredder on a field nearby and is destroying heaps and heaps of them. Shouldn’t we be planting trees instead of chopping them down? And for what? As I walk up to our front door, I notice a potted Christmas tree next to the other ones. We really don’t have that much space on our balcony, but I cannot stand by and do nothing. It deserves a chance to survive. Perhaps when we get a community garden, we can re-plant it… As I drag it upstairs, I wonder if we have a pot big enough for its growing roots. We find one eventually and as we struggle to get it unstuck, a yellow snail falls out. O my word! I am so glad I found her, for she would have been shredded. Now she she is safely asleep under the fragrant branches of our winter tree.






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