Tracks of my tears

Smack in the middle of town, a sea gull next to the tracks. I cycle past him on my way to work and decide to turn around. When I kneel down next to his lifeless body, I notice he doesn’t have a scratch on him. Must have bumped right into the tram. There’s nowhere to bury him, brick and concrete all around us. So I decide to bring him to the nearby woods. But to transport him? I have a small plastic bag from the market. I carefully wrap him inside. It only covers half of his body, but it will have to do. As I cycle through town, holding him tight against my chest, I notice people staring but I just keep going. They must be wondering: What in heavens is this girl doing with a giant gull in her bag? Even in the forest it’s busy with civil servants enjoying a stroll on their lunch break. I find a quiet spot under a tree and cover him with dark earth.






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