Forever love

Never will die the one whose heart is alive with love
– Shahriyar

My beloved is dead. She got ill and for two weeks I tried everything I could to save her life, but in the end she still died in the emergency room on a rainy Saturday afternoon. There was nothing I could do for her anymore. Except to return her to the earth…

It was already dark when urban warrior and I set out to the place in the forest where the woodland fairies live and bluebells brighten up the world once spring arrives. We found a beautiful young oak tree to bury her under. In the pouring rain, we took turns digging a grave. I gathered some ferns so I could lay her down on a bed of leaves. Sitting on the ground beside her, we lit a candle and burned some sacred wood. When it was time to say goodbye, I covered her with autumn flowers and fresh earth. In the clouded light of the moon, we walked hand in hand – the rain washing away my tears.






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