After the rain

On a quiet day I walked over to the fields nearby that are always filled with radiantly red poppies this time of year. It was a beautiful sight as all the petals were sprinkled with drops of water from the recent rainfall. I was knee deep in a world of little twinkling diamonds, when I noticed a bumble bee a little further down. He was soaking wet, his fur all ruffled and spiky. Perched on a leaf, his tongue extended, he appeared to be searching for nectar… on the outside of the flower!? He must still dazed and confused from the downpour, I thought to myself. So I emptied the tiny box of bird seed that I always bring with me, and carefully placed him and his flower inside. At home I found him a dry, warm place in my garden and gave him a teaspoon of sugar water. For a while he slept cuddled up in the pink, translucent blanket. Apparently it was just the energy boost he needed, for he after a while he flew off. Ready to roam the world and hopefully able to find the sweetest nectar once again.






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