The last song

It was a beautiful sunny day when I decided to cycle all the way to Pijnacker. Shorts, sandels and water in my bagpack – ready for adventure. I came through some quiet pastures as I cycled along the Vliet: long grasses everywhere, trees in bloom and spots of light reflecting of the tranquil water. That is, until I missed my exit and got lost and took a wrong turn and ended up in a miniature silicon valley – all glass and concrete and other monstrosities of modern architecture. There was no way out, so eventually I decided to backtrack. On my way back I found a duck by the side of the road, probably hit by a car. There was nothing I could do for her. I looked around for a stick and found a decent one to dig a hole with in the clay-filled ground. I buried her there, in the gentle slope towards the water – a small nature reserve in the concrete wasteland.






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