Home away from home

Most people don’t like snails. They rummage around in the vegetable patch and eat your carefully grown baby spinach right from under your nose. Me, I don’t mind so much. So if someone I know wants to relocate them, I am happy to offer the snails shelter in the garden on my balcony. Just this week I picked a few up from Normal Gets You Nowhere and brought them home in a shoebox filled with lush leaves. On my balcony I placed them near the rotan basket with the lavender. One by one they made their way over to the pots, with slow and deliberate reconnaissance. I brought them a selection of greens from my fridge and soon I discovered one of them munching loudly on a spinach leaf. Later I found two of them cuddled together under the purple flowers. You can imagine my delight, when a few days later I found a kaleidoscope of tiny translucent eggs!






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