The sweet escape

An usual sight at the pond this morning: a cormorant! As I get a bit closer, I notice she has a limp. A piece of metal is sticking out of her left ankle. Given that she looks quite young – her feathers not yet black – and that no one else of her family seems to be around, I give Animal Aid a call just to be on the safe side. They offer to come take a look when they’re in the neighbourhood. I sit down by her side and together we enjoy the sunshine. It’s still pretty cold out, so every once in a while I get up and leap around the field. The youngster stays put, occasionally begging for food as chicks do. Forty minutes pass. And then, completely out of the blue my protegee takes off and dives into the water! Just as the Animal Aid van pulls up. After a chat, they decide to give it a shot. With a fishing net we follow the little one from here to there, and back again. As she rushes away, it’s clear: it ain’t gonna happen. We should just let her get on with things…






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