How blue can you get?

Treading through the woods on an Expotition to discover a Pole in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug National Park, I found a beetle infested tree. I have never encountered so many beetles blissfully chewing away, ecstatically crawling over each other to get to the best bits of foliage. Right there and then, this little fellow fell at my feet. Leaning down it struck me how still he lay on his back, his legs subdued against the grass stems rising up around him like gigantic bean stalks. I helped him get up and, as he held on to my finger, put him back on a juicy leaf. To my surprise he didn’t move an inch. Are you not hungry, I asked him, but he offered nothing in response. I could tell from his silent demeanor that being surrounded by the others somehow didn’t make him feel any less lonely, and wondered if perhaps he hadn’t fallen at all.






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