Be my shadow

The waltzing surf waves. The continuous rustling of the meeting between the shore and that immense deep green blue sea. I enjoyed a turbulent swim, receiving head on these white crested tumblers, floating on my back up and down, turning down and up again. Leaving the surf just from satisfaction, the water temperature above 15C. Sheer delightful pleasure. As I was drying myself up on the beach a very little creature moving between the sand grains drew my attention. At first I couldn’t discern what it was: a small ant? Or what then?

It was moving crabwise, camouflaged as hardened sand, but scrabbling sideways in the direction of my backpack and me… I took a step back and put my pack further away. But this mini-crab – less than an inch (or was it a newborn?) – this tiny creature was quite resolute and turned definitely towards my feet. I let it happen as I wanted to see what it would do, what it was after. Well, it crawled under my big toe! Apparently he urgently needed comfortable shadowy shelter…






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