Rush hour at the dunes

Cycling through the dunes on a sunny Saturday morning, I was enjoying the quiet wind, the salty air and the blossoming spring around me. I spotted a bunny right next to the path, and felt completely at peace with myself and life as I know it. I noticed a snail crossing the cycling lane, and as I was speeding past him, thought about whether I should go back to make sure he safely reached the other side. I hadn’t yet answered this question, when I saw a second snail and then a third one. Then all of a sudden there was a big, hairy caterpillar in front of my tire. I just managed to swerved around her. Still catching my breath, I overtook another snail. From my right, another caterpillar was approaching. Following our traffic laws, I slowed down and gave way to her. After that, I encountered six snails, a slug and a long pink rain worm. Then another caterpillar and two smaller snails. Never in all my life, have I seen this much traffic in the dunes. Three hours later I cycled back over the same path. Not a beast in sight…





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