Broken hearted

We were walking along the meandering lane of a secluded garden, when we stumbled upon a cardboard box. Completely surprised we approached it, when all of a sudden a little black head popped out. For a second, we panicked and looked at each other. We quickly walked over, and I kneeled down. It was a retangular box with holes in it, some grass, and a…. BUNNY! A gorgeous black one, left behind to fend for herself in the wilderness. I sat beside her for a minute, to let her get used to me, and then I scooped up the box. The poor creature was in shock and didn’t move. We brought her to the gatekeepers of the park. They were as flabbergasted as we were, and explained that it does happen sometimes, people dropping pets in the middle of nowhere, but that she wouldn’t survive for more than a day. They would call Animal Rescue, so that she would be transported to their shelter. We said goodbye… with broken hearts.







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  1. kristininholland Avatar

    Half broken hearts I hope. You did rescue the bunny afterall!

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