Tram interrupted

Coming through a little lane we saw the lightrail coming to a stand, the tramdriver got out and walked in front of his tram. A woman already stood there and I suggested to my husband that we would have a look. Could it be that an accident nearly had happened? When I came closer I saw that the swan pair with their 8 cygnets stood in the high grass just before the tram. The woman was trying to direct them towards the pond side that is still meters away. You can see the tram driver and his tram and the swans here. The swans are used to humans, so they were not aggressive but nevertheless caution was asked for and the woman had some long paper in her hand and started to swing it in the direction of the swans. They did not seem inclined to walk from their spot. I tried to help too and eventually they moved slowly step by step. The littles ones following close their parents. A road had to be crossed, a cycle path, and a footpath before they would reach the grass field along the pond. My husband stood on the road to stop all cars, luckily it was early and not one appeared. I made of course the pictures, how they first hesitated, then stepping upon the road and crossing it. In the meantime the lightrail could move again. The swans safe for the moment.






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